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OLYVE beauty is a brand new international beauty line dedicated to full-body care, offering two products: a hair mask and a full-body cream. Both products are made of olive derivates and olive tree leaves coming from the founder’s family and their 15000 olive trees, offering a unique body care experience while being a sustainable brand at its core. Both its products are made of natural sources, the olive tree leaves, that in the process of creating olive oil, are usually going to waste.

Regarding the ingredients, olive derivates and leaves are exclusively Nocellara del Belice, a particular cultivar that has higher content of oleuropein compared to other cultivars. The leaves are harvested between January and February (the coolest months in Sicily) as it increases the percentage of Oleuropein, a key active ingredient in the leaves. This health-giving extract contains more vitamin C and antioxidants than the amount we find in green tea extracts, along with a wide range of essential amino acids. Thus, this unique ingredient, immediately helps soothe skin and blur imperfections while restoring it with balanced nutrition inspired by the healthy Mediterranean diet.

OLYVE beauty products are food for the entire body and centered around the ‘Skinification’ concept, treating the full body with the same attention or by applying the same product that goes into our skincare routine, whether it is a product for the hands, neck or face. Based on this concept Olyve Beauty formulated products that bring a wide range of beneficial nutrients, from phytonutrients like oleuropein to vitamins and minerals. Every product is vegan, natural, sustainable (key ingredients at km zero), dermatologically tested and made in Italy.

The 2 Olyve Beauty products:

The hair mask, is a product that can be applied on the hair as well as the scalp, providing the benefits and nutrition that is coming from the olive oil, without making the hair oily and without affecting the sculp. This hair boost mask is full of nourishing, antioxidants and regenerating ingredients, presented and packaged in an airless tube. Thus, it can be used under the shower efficiently without wasting material, while its 100 ml size is perfect for travelers.

The body cream, is destined to nourish the entire body, it allowing consumers to have one cream for everything: neck, hands, feet, and body. It is moisturizing but without being as greasy as olive oil tends to be, and it lasts longer on the skin. It is a beautiful balance between a body butter (thick and longer absorption time) and a body cream (lighter texture and instant soft feel). The scent of the product reminds of the mediterranean sea breeze, olive trees and wood. The product comes in a glass jar that prevents the cream from being affected by the outside temperature, ensuring maximum results.

The online shop is live this week here and there are 200 pieces available per product as an initial and official online e-shop activation. All products can be shipped within all of Europe (EMEA).

For more information about the brand:

OLYVE beauty — “Olyve your moments”

Website link https://www.olyvebeauty.com/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/olyve.beauty/






For media requests:

Christina Ioannou




About the Founder:

Sahara Seidita, the Founder of Olyve Beauty, is originally from Sicily, Italy. She grew up in this beautiful natural landscape together with 15000 olive trees. Her family has successfully developed an olive oil production and distribution business which has been active for three generations now, since 1922. Sahara experienced the process of olive oil creation so closely for year, and when the concept of Olyve Beauty matured, she decided to create something unique and nurturing for the body, in an effort to fight the waste that comes with the olive oil production process while giving a natural solution to one of our main skin’s problems, dehydration.

Sahara spent many years in Asia, and this is where she started becoming more aware of skin aging. Following the Covid-lockdown period, she took the decision to leave her 10 year career in the corporate world and work for her family’s business and launch Olyve Beauty. In this process, she learned that olive trees have as many or more beneficial properties than olives themselves so she started developing these products that would provide maximum nutrition and care, offering the gifts of the olive trees to the body, while being sustainable and vegan. Her mission is to make people’s body healthily beautiful.



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